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Briquette Machine KOTEB350-50

Briquette Machine KOTEB350-50

Briquette Extruder KOT350-50
Briquette Machine KOTEB350-50
This machine was installed in the UK.
This Briquette Extruder plant come with a new advanced cross cutter giving you a better product from your materials.
Traditionally a complex manufacturing machine, this briquette machine has one large powerful single motor producing a single briquette which is then cut to the size required. The machine will produce up to 500Kg a hour. If you require more than 500 Kg/h then we use two or more machines which then is a modular system. With the KOTEB 350-50 we can have a 53mm or a 63mm briquette size. With a modular system you can still produce briquette when one of the machines is down for maintenance. It’s easier to diagnose an issue, you can isolate a problem to a specific machine and at the same time keeping your production line running. It is easier and cheeper to maintain a smaller machine that a very large machine. Also the running costs and maintenance costs are cheeper. When your production increases then you just keep adding a new machine to the line, and when your production eases off over the summer you use less machines. Our modular machines have a production rate of around 500 Kg per hour depending on material used. So if you are looking to produce 1000 KG/h then you will need two machines, 2000 Kg/h then you will need four machines.

The new Automatic  KOTH-350 Cross Cutter for Briquette Machine

cutter_briq4We can produce Briquette sized at 53mm and the new 63mm briquette.
The KOTEB 350-50 Briquette Extruder is a very easy machine to use enabling one person to run this machine producing briquettes. The briquettes are used mainly for fuel logs as seen below, but also have other uses depending on the raw materials used.
The following plant biomass may be used applied alone or combined as raw materials; Sunflower husks, Straw, Buckwheat, Rice husks, as well as wood sawdust-hardwood and softwood.
Using this extruder allows; Production of fuel with the calorific value of 4400-4800 Kcal/kg (equivalent that of coal quality):
Utilising waste materials (agricultural and commercial residues).
Provides an energy-efficient and cost effective energy source.
1- The top-mounted feeding hopper.
2- Contains a feed screw.
3- Main extruder motor.
4- Control panel.
5- Which feeds the material (dried to 8%) into feeding jet of main processing section.
6- With a tapered screw the material is feed into the heating chamber, where the briquette is formed.
7- Then the product is forced out towards the cutter.
Technical Specifications:
Production capacity up to 500 Kg/h depending on materials used.
Raw material humidity at input 4-8%
Raw material fraction 2-10 mm
Power consumption (with heater) not more than 46,4 Kw/h
Power consumption of the heater not more than 7,2 Kw/h
Electricity consumption not more 38 Kw/h
Specific electricity consumption not more than 0,1 Kw/h
Machine length (with a cutter) 3800 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 2250 mm
Weight 1600 mm
Warranty on none warring parts 12 months.
We are asked many times how many briquettes can you make in a hour, the answer is around 780 briquettes, Briquette size are 53 mm width, aperture 10-20 mm depending on briquette width with a length from 150 to 600 mm so this will determine how many briquette you will get.
Technical Specifications:
Capacity 500 Kh/h
Installed power 2.2Kw
Required air pressure 6.0 Kg
Required air volume 1/min 60
Machine Length 1350 mm
Machine Width 900 mm
Machine Hight 1500 mm
Machine Weight 270 KG
Designed for high-quality cutting of all types of fuel briquettes (Extruder, Pini-Kay type machines) in automatic mode with adjustable length of briquettes.
The raw materials for this machine is fuel briquettes section 53 to 63 mm coming from the briquette machine.
This automatic cutter allows: -to produce quality cut fuel briquettes in a unmanned mode; advanced design and high quality components provide a reliable and quiet operation.

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