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Biogas Extruder increase the Methane Yield

Biogas Extruder increase the Methane Yield

The application of an extruder to increase the methane yield in a biogas production, Using this extruder for pretreatment of materials will increase the biogas production within the anaerobic digester.

Pre-treatment for improved biogas production from meadow grass

The usage of meadow grass as an energy resource can reduce leaching of nutrients to the aquatic environment, produce energy in the form of biogas, and the digested biomass can act as a fertiliser for organic farms. Alike other substrates with high ligno-cellulosic content, the biogas production is substantially improved if the meadow grass is pre- treated, and one of the most promising innovative technologies for that is extrusion.
The meadows hold a huge potential which is mainly untaped for the use of energy.
The use of meadow grass can be used for the production of energy when digested in a biogas plant.
We also have the ability to us Miscanthus as the energy crop.
Biomass Fuel
Miscanthus BiomassHi Jeanine
Pre-treatment of Miscanthus can produce up to 100% more biogas than if you just add the material to the AD plant.
Biomass Extruder
The Extruder intake for materials
Bio Green Tech Ltd is able to use the waste sludge from the Anaerobic digestion and turn it into a Biomass Fuelbe it Pellets or Briquettes. This is giving the AD plants more profit to the company, also removing the need for farmers the remove the waste.
Biomass waste into fuel Briquettes
The brown briquettes are AD waste turned into Fuel.
This is a very cheep fuel to produce giving yourself more profit. The fuel is a very good for schools or large site that need to use screw-feed or moving floors to feed the briquette into the furnace. This type of briquette-pellet will not block the moving parts. Using a Mobile Briquetting plant or a fix unit we can offer a full system for your needs.

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